Khunjerab Pass – The highest International border crossing

Next morning, around 6:30 am I was looking for public transport outside Passu Inn hotel, finally hotel manager arranged someone from the village to drop me at Sost. They told me that Khunjerab Pass is Pak – China border so there is no public transport available between Sost and Khunjerab.

Sost KKH PakistanI realized that road condition was a lot better than my previous visit which was in 2006. It took us 30 minutes to reach Sost.

It was a bright sunny day and Sost was packed with tourists. After having breakfast at Riveria hotel , I walked in the little town, bought some snacks for Khunjerab. I figured out that couple of people were looking and pointing at me, I decided to ignore them and changed my way to the other side, someone approached me saying excuse me sir! I stopped and the guy shook hand with me asking me are you a writer? We have seen your posts regarding Hunza while planning our trip. I told him I just wrote a blog and made few pages and uploaded few pictures. I told him now I am going to Khunjerab and I couldn’t believe when he told me that they are a group of lecturers going to Khunjerab in the bus and they want me to join them!

I accepted that offer gladly and joined them for the trip. We stopped twice on our way and I took pictures. We enjoyed breathtaking views on the way.Bus hired by the lecturers.

It took us around three hours to reach Khunjerab.

Khunjerab Lajawab!

Khunjerab pass is the highest cross-able international border at a height of around 4600m. It was nice to see some tourists, mostly Pakistanis.

Khunjerab Pass

Khunjerab – Lajawab

Khunjerab is open from May to October. There are no hotels in Khunjerab, nearest town to stay in Sost (around 85km).
Border on Pakistani side is very friendly and you will see people taking pictures even at the gate with the men in uniform unlike the other side of the border where they are very strict and even reset the camera and mobiles if you try to take their pictures.

Khunjerab Lajawab

Khunjerab Lajawab

If you are crossing the border and have any drugs like hashish, make sure you consume it at Sost or before you cross the Khunjerab Pass as China as zero tolerance policy on drugs.

Even in July, it was cold. We spent almost ninety minutes taking pictures and exploring the pass. Guys wanted me to stay with them at Karimabad but I requested them to drop me at Passu as I wanted to do the little trek to the Passu suspension bridge.
It was real fun and I am glad that I finally made it to Khunjerab after several visits to Gilgit and Hunza :).