Hunza Valley

Karimabad - Hunza Valley

Karimabad – Hunza

Hunza Valley is situated around 112 km north of Gilgit on the west bank of the Hunza river. It used to be a state until it was dissolved in 1974 and Baltit (Karimabad) used to be the capital of Hunza state. It is a remarkably beautiful and peaceful place situated at an elevation of 2,438 meters.

Hunza is geographically divided into three regions lower Hunza, Central or main Hunza and Hunza Gojal (Wakhi region). People of Hunza are Ismailis. Shina language is spoken in lower Hunza, inhabitants of Central Hunza speak Burushaski, while Wakhi language is spoken in Hunza Gojal.

Weather remains pleasant from April to September, however winters are extremely cold in Hunza.

People of Hunza are famous for living longer lives. Their diet is very simple and they consume a lot of fresh fruits. Hunza bread, Chupshru (local pizza) and traditional soup Daudo are some of very popular dishes the tourists.

Hunza Valley is also very popular for its Apricots which are exported to US and Europe. They have recently started farming honey, I bought some last year and it was delicious.

Hunza is renowned for its handicrafts and precious stones. Local NGOs have made vocational centers in different villages and are helping local villagers in making traditional handicrafts and jewelry.

Hunza Valley’s tourist season is from March to October, however to me anytime spent in Hunza would be a lifetime experience.

View of Rakaposhi (7,788 metres) from Karimabad is amazing. 800 years old Baltit fort, home of rulers of ancient state of Hunza is another attraction. Tourists in Karimabad also visit Duiker, Altit village to see sunset in the evening, from there one can see eight different peaks. There is also a hotel in Duiker Village, name Eagle’s Nest Hotel, run by Ali Madad.

Some of the hotels in upper Hunza are Gulmit Continental, Gulmit and Passu Inn, Passu

Some of the notable and recommended places to visit in Hunza are, Karimabad, Altit, Gulmit, Passu, Khunjerab and Chapursan Valley.

Current Hunza Weather:


  1. LUBI February 13, 2018 at 4:55 am #

    Hi, came across your blog. Very nice pictures and useful info. I am wondering if you could help me to find more information. I am in my early stages of gathering information for my 2019 trip around Nanga Parbat. Basically would like to visit Rupal face B.C., cross Mazeno Pass and end up in Fairy Meadows. I found few agencies who do such strenuous trek but they all charge thousands of dollars. Do you know of any guide services who are more reasonable but still good and safe to travel with. Also do you know about how safe is travelling via Karakoram Highway (KKH). All agencies approach Nanga via driving on KKH but we keep reading about it is not very secure…I very much appreciate your response. Thank you!

  2. Ali Hameed February 13, 2018 at 1:47 pm #

    Thanks for visiting this page. I have seen both B.Cs in same trip but never crossed the Mazeno Pass. If you will hire local guides in Tarishing village, I think it would be a lot cheaper and better as they would know better being the locals of Tarishing and Rupal.
    KKH is very secure, I have traveled on it more than seven times and my last trip was in 2016. Its even more secure after the CPEC (China–Pakistan Economic Corridor).
    I will try to find contact details of local guides and will send them to you by email.


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  4. Zahid June 23, 2019 at 7:51 pm #

    Dear Ali,
    I am Zahid CEO of Roshni Organization. I would like to visit Hunza with family next week. Please guide me.

  5. Ali Hameed July 15, 2019 at 4:20 pm #

    Hi Zahid,
    Apologies for the delayed response. When you posted this comment, I was visiting Northern Areas. Were you able to visit Hunza?


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