Chapursan Valley

Chapursan Valley (Chipurson) also Chipursan is situated in Gojal Hunza (upper Hunza), it starts from Sost and ends on Irshod Pass which links Pakistan to Afghanistan and Tajikistan via Wakhan Corridor. It’s almost 4 hour tough jeep ride from Sost to Zood Khun Village (first house) which is the last inhabited village of Chapursan Valley.

Zood Khun Village - Chapursan Valley Pakistan

Zood Khun Village – Chapursan Valley Pakistan



The valley is very narrow with beautiful landscape. People of the valley are very peaceful and friendly. Pamir Serai, a traditional Wakhi home style hotel run by the great Alam Jan Dario (a local guide, musician and poet) and Haji Bibi and it is the only place to stay there. Food and accommodation is good and time spent there is unforgettable!

While traveling with my family in 2007, we saw a map of Wakhan Corridor in Sost and after an hour we were on our way to Chapursan Valley. Once we reached there, I was told that there is no hotel but we can stay at Pamir Serai (home style hotel). I was told that the owner Alam Jan was not there, his wife opened the house for us. She told us that Alam Jan would be coming next day. She called village children who picked fresh spinach for us from the fields next to us and we had spinach with rice for our dinner.

Next day, I met Alam Jan who arrived with a french couple. We had fabulous time roaming around the village. At night, Alam Jan Dario, who is a local guide as well as Wakhi poet and musician arranged for some local music. It was nice to meet village locals.

I was told that Zood Khun is the last village of Pakistan and I told them that it seems to be the most beautiful village of Pakistan as well.



Zood Khun Village Chapursan Valley Pakistan Zood Khun Village Chiporsan Valley Pakistan

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